The art of night-windsurfing

Why should you get up at 4 a.m., pack your windsurf foil and hit the water? Sounds completely absurd at first. However, if you want to light up the night with LEDs and a windsurfer, there is a good reason not least to create a breathtaking photo. The planning for one of my largest projects began months earlier. A pretest in the garden and location scouting followed. With Andy Lachauer I was able to win the perfect rider who knows every corner of the Kochelsee like the back of his hand. The challenge could begin and we took on the components of wind, time and technology. We were able to learn our lessons from the first preshooting, both in terms of attaching the LEDs and the timing of the shooting. On the final day of the shoot we got up an hour earlier than the first time and as life goes, everything turned out differently than planned. The Walchensee as a planned location hardly got any wind at 4 a.m. and so we moved to the Kochelsee after a quick setup. During the speed frenzy from Walchensee to Kochelsee on the Kesselbergstrasse, the trees bent so blatantly that I stepped on the gas even more, as it was a race against time again. When I arrived at the Trimini, I set everything up again and Andy followed with Spezl and photo assistant Florian. We shot no less than 30 minutes until the wind completely fell asleep and the day. A few hours later, storm "Kirsten" conjured up a smile on every windsurfer and me with whitecaps on Lake Starnberg.

What a day for the books!